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You Suck at Sales

Don’t get me wrong, you’re great at what you do, but that technical or creative skill that your customers love so much isn’t what you need to grow your business even more.

Of course you have some sales and marketing chops, you wouldn’t have gotten this far without them. But are you selling full-time? A true sales professional?

No, you’re not – you’ve never considered yourself a salesperson, let alone a sales manager. You’re a business owner, and being an expert at what you do is what has gotten you this far.

But You Never Wanted to be in Sales in the First Place

You know you need to take a more professional approach to selling, but how do you learn a whole new skill-set on your own? Where would you even begin?

You should be using your limited time to focus on your customers and improving your product, not building and managing a sales team that you don’t know how to manage. That’s expensive, both in cash & time.

I know sales is something you want to hand-off, and you should. But first you need to nail your sales process and systems to grow your business. Then you can learn how to hire someone else to do the selling for you.

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You Can Build a Repeatable, Scalable Sales System that...

- Generate more qualified leads

- Closes those leads faster 

- Helps you win as many deals as possible

- Enables your existing customers to recommend you to their network

- Empowers you to hire someone else to handle sales

- Manages your sales team's success even though your aren't a sales professional

Sales is Hard, But it Doesn't Have to Be Complicated

You could spend the rest of your life having your team chase after standalone projects, sending out custom proposals for each prospect, and praying the right referrals come in at the right time - like a blind cat chasing mice.

Or you could take the time to build a better mousetrap and put a system in place that will make your growth more predictable, and more profitable, while you focus on the skills that got you this far in the first place.

Use the selling system that has fueled more than $250 Million in sales and has scaled multiple companies from Low 6-figures to 8-figures in 2 years or less.


Sales Training

Learn how to implement the DEMAND selling system in your business with our interactive online training. You’ll discover everything you need to get more leads and more sales with a repeatable, scalable sales system in an easy, go-at-your-own-pace learning environment - perfect for businesses that are just starting to scale.

Sales Coaching

Join a group of founders like you for personalized advice on building your selling system, and discover how DEMAND can help you boost sales by 50% or more. Our weekly call and private community will give you the specialized information you need to rapidly scale your sales.

Sales Acceleration

Get a world class VP of Sales to parachute into your company one day a week to personally grow, manage, and optimize your selling system, without all the expense and paperwork of hiring one full time. We’ll implement the DEMAND system, help hire and train your salespeople, and ride along on important sales calls so you’re maximizing your sales opportunities.


Cam Collins

President of Dockmaster

"Damian has an uncanny way of helping me explore new opportunities or consider unique approaches to business challenges I may be experiencing. While Damian can provide input on subjects as broad as setting up foreign subsidiaries or managing an international virtual team, his real gift is helping business leaders create sales strategies and drive sales initiatives. Thanks Damian!"

Eric Hinson

CEO of Explainify

"Damian helped me properly setup a sales funnel, taught me how to manage sales staff, how to setup a sales team, how to compensate team members, how to setup the company for success & longevity, how to CEO, how to think about account strategy, direct language to use to navigate sales calls, understanding the customer and the games they play, hiring advice, vision, navigating employee issue decisions, marketing, future markets & products."

Justin McGill

CEO of LeadFuze

"I originally underestimated just how much training is needed for new reps to be onboarded. It's the curse of knowledge and you can't really go back and view things from a new rep's perspective. Damian does an awesome job of first vetting new hire candidates, but then an even better job of getting them fully trained."

Riaan van Schor

CEO of Agentivity

"Even a year later I keep asking - how would Damian have done this, and it works for me! Don't take it personally but Damian's going to be brutally honest about where you are wand what you need to do. Are you ready for that?"

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a good fit for Salesability?

B2B companies that want to scale quickly without taking on investors. People with kickass software or services but need help to consistently win new business and maximize every lead they have.


Who is a bad fit?

People who are happy with their current growth path. Owners who are afraid of testing new ideas. Founders that don't think they could ever have someone else sell for them.



I've made a bad hiring decision is it too late for me?

The bad news is you're never getting that money back. The good news is that you are NOT alone. The GREAT news is that you can learn to be awesome at hiring & managing a sales team, even as a "non-salesperson"



Will this work for me?

Will improving your sales system bring you more customers? Yes. Will being better at sales help you build a team to do it for you? Of course. Are you willing to do the work and make small changes now that will deliver great results? That's up to you.



How long will it take?

You will see significant changes to your business in the first 90 Days. Within 6 months you should be winning 40% more of the leads you already have. Within 12 months you should be ready to have others do the selling for you. 



Why should I trust you?
Damian is the Founder of Salesability. He's led sales teams and coached business owners to more than a quarter BILLION dollars in new sales.
He has scaled multiple service companies from Low 6-figures to 8-figures in 2 years or less. If you want to sell real estate you go to Tom Hopkins, sell used cars you go to Grant Cardone, if you want to sell B2B services you come to us.