• Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor is the real hero, Superman is a jerk

Posted by Damian Thompson on 2019.07.29


Lex Luthor

I’ll let you in on a little secret… I have a thing for bad guys.

No, not bad boys - this isn't THAT conversation.

Bad guys, you know: the villain in the comic book. It’s not just that they are more interesting than some do-goody guy in tights, although that helps. It’s that they are working at a HUGE disadvantage.

My favorite bad guy is Lex Luthor. Now it isn’t just that devilishly handsome hairstyle he rocks, it’s that he is the ultimate entrepreneur.

I mean think about it, Lex is a genius but Superman is, well, Superman.

Impervious to just about everything. Able to beat a locomotive, leap tall buildings and all that jazz, but Lex is a mere human.

But he always rises to the challenge and sometimes beats the “Man of Steel”.  Many times through strategic planning, flawless execution, and tireless dedication.

What has Superman ever had to work for in his life? He dominates humans so much that he trolls them with his imitation of a “normal guy” being the weakest most feeble guy you meet (that’s what he thinks of humanity BTW).

But Lex has to simultaneously negotiate the mean streets of Metropolis and all the other crooks, dodge the law, and fight a guy who shots lasers from his eyes and can fly!

Do you have that kind of grit?

Can you face insurmountable odds everyday and keep coming?

Clients a little slow to pay? Not growing the team fast enough? Difficulty getting people to pitch that new service to?

Get over it, at least you don’t have to go 10 rounds with the last son of Krypton.

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