"An investment you just have to make"

Salesability - Eric Hinson V3

Eric Hinson - CEO of Explainify


  • A huge relief to be able focus on growing the business
  • Showed us how to manage sales staff, setup a sales team, and how to lead them to setup the company for success & longevity
  • There's no BS, you get to the meat of it and solve your sales problems

"Changed our sales & business completely"

Salesability - Justin McGill V4

Justin McGill - CEO LeadFuze


  • Better closing rates AND a shorter sales cycle from this sales process
  • I was able to focus on inbound so there were really double the benefits
  • Damian's just one of the best sales trainers I've ever seen

"Tremendous improvement in our sales"

Salesability - Taylor Banks V3

Taylor Banks - CEO The Good Group


  • We got the processes and systems to make our sales team successful
  • Their process is clearly a more effective way of dealing with objections
  • If you're looking to build sales processes, Damian's the right person for the right job